27 August 2017

I am a CBS Sunday Morning junkie!  I admit it.  It is one of the few shows that I record.  It is one of the few shows that I hate to miss.

I have watched Sunday Morning since I was a child.  And, perhaps, it is nostalgia, that keeps me tuning in, that keeps me recording.  But perhaps not.  This program, gentle and positive in its approach, with uplifting stories, elegant videography, and wholesome interviews keeps me informed about people, places, art and nature that I might otherwise miss.

From the opening strains of the introductory music to the last minute of peaceful reverie, I am hooked.  So it is not unusual that on this Sunday morning, with my blessed cup of coffee in hand, I was watching.  That was when I heard it.  The inventor of the SuperSoaker, the iconic squirt gun of the 1990s, Doctor Lonnie George Johnson, was born and raised in Mobile, Alabama–my neck of the woods!  How had I never heard this?


A diagram of the SuperSoaker as found in The Prisoner & The Penguin’s August 21, 2016 article on Doctor Johnson entitled The Tinkerman

But Mr. Johnson, as I found out, isn’t only a toy inventor, although he most certainly improved the water gun and the dart gun for Nerf.  He is a nuclear engineer, who has worked for both the Air Force and NASA! (This is why I love Sunday Morning, I learn new things, even about people in my own backyard.)

Mo Rocca’s interview is worth watching and worth showing to your children or anyone whom you desire to inspire to a career in science, but I do want to offer a word of  warning.  You might just want to caution your progeny that cooking rocket fuel on the kitchen stove, as Doctor Johnson once did as a child, is not,  I repeat, NOT a good idea!

To watch the entire interview, please visit CBSnews.com.

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