10 November 2017

Coca-Cola.  Ice-cold.  In  a bottle.


Coca cola

Edited from a 1961 Good Housekeeping advertisement. “Hot foods call for ice-cold Coke!”


Today I had one, which isn’t a particularly special occurrence in and of itself, except for the fact that I had it at the Coca-Cola Headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia after having met the CEO Sandy Douglas.  I have to admit that at the time when I shook his hand and introductions were made, his name meant as little to me as mine did to him.  I was just another name, another face, another handshake in the day’s litany of names, faces and extended hands.

It is not that I’m not honored for having met Mr. Douglas, I am; it’s not everyday that one has the opportunity to be in the presence of the head of a corporation that has literally changed the world, but I’m not one for being star struck.  What I’m really thankful for is the product.

Coca-Cola has always been a part of my life, well at least the part I can remember.   When I was a child my father used to make my sisters and me coke floats–a glass full of vanilla ice cream floating in fizzy cola.  My mother, on the other hand, introduced us all to peanuts in our coke–the salty orbs floating to the bottom of the bottle soaking up and softening in the bubbling, briny liquid.

I’ve drunk Coca-Cola from bottles pulled from vending machines, from aluminum cans plucked from refrigerated shelves,  and poured from warm two and three liter plastic bottles or out of a fountain into glasses or lidded paper and plastic cups.  At practically every event I’ve ever attended coke has been on offer.  In every country that I’ve ever visited, coke has been for sale.  Afloat on a boat or flying the friendly skies, coke has been served.  And while I haven’t always imbibed, the old refreshing standard has always been available.

I’ve tried several of the formulas, caffeine-free, diet, caffeine-free diet, cherry, vanilla, new coke, but I’m not a fan.  I prefer the original, or what masquerades as the original these days.  I think it tastes better, but then maybe that is because I have so many good memories connected to the libation.  So it was only fitting that today at the Coca-Cola headquarters, I made a new lasting memory, enjoying a frosty bottle of the iconic drink with my husband and laughing over my ignorance of the man behind the beverage company.

For all of life’s little moments with a Coca-Cola in hand, I’m forever thankful.




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