16 November 2017

Watching a movie on the big screen, sitting in a reclining chair, eating popcorn, drinking a fizzy drink, going deaf…what could be better on a Thursday in November?  Not one thing.

Going to see a moving picture in a theater has never gotten old for me.  The sights: posters plastered on walls, vanity lights and velvety curtains; the sounds: the shlush of a soda fountain, the plop-popping of a popcorn popper, the ding-a-ling-ring of arcade games and the hum-drumming of a projector; the smells: salt, soda and electricity; all help build anticipation for the imagination destination to follow.

In some ways movie-going has gotten much better over the years.  Seating is one of those ways.  I don’t know who first decided to use recliners or replace those small cloth-covered straight-backed auditorium chairs with spacious leatheresque lounging ones, but I’m grateful to whoever it was.  It’s hard to enjoy a journey when one is squinched into an uncomfortable seat or take a nap when you take your children to see the umpteenth cartoon movie of the year.

Today’s offering for our viewing pleasure is Thor: Ragnarok, which is apropos since Thursday literally means Thor’s Day in Old English.  (Just so you know, I didn’t make the connection until after I planned to take the children to see it, but I’ll take credit for the fortunate stroke of serendipity.)  Of course, I scored BIG TIME with my son, who is crazy about all things related to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, or as he calls it, the M.C.U.


I’m not going to spoil it for those of you who have not seen the latest Marvel offering, but suffice it to say that we all thought this was the best of the Thor movies to date.  It was comical, it was exciting, and it had a great soundtrack.  Plus after a grueling last few weeks of school assignments, it was a fun diversion requiring little thought.  Just what we all needed to kick off the Thanksgiving break.

For movie theaters with recliners, for popcorn and soda, for a trip with my family to the mythical Asgard, for a Thor’s Day Thursday, I am thankful.

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