2 January 2018


Exploding Kittens

Yep, you read that right!  Exploding Kittens.

Every year the jolly elf brings a member or two of my family a new game to add to our Family Game Night repertoire.   This year it was the card game with the CRAZY name and the FUNNY packaging.  I guess Santa has a bit of a twisted sense of humor…just like me.  (Giggle.  Giggle.  Wink.)  But honestly, who could resist a game billed as “a card game for people who are into kittens and explosions and laser beams and sometimes goats”?

First, let me state emphatically: NO KITTENS WERE HARMED DURING THE COURSE OF GAMEPLAY, including our own dear calico Gracie.  However, many tears were shed and at least one of us was left doubled over.  Me!  With cards like these, wouldn’t you?


Some of my favorite cards in the deck!

Now when I was a senior in high school my first semester physics teacher always used a cat on a fence post and a bullet travelling through the air toward said feline to illustrate such principles as force and energy.  He was a despicable man but he got the point across, and in that class, as here, no actual cats were harmed, although several students including myself were tortured nearly to death.  I relate this gem of information in the full spirit of disclosure, to disclaim that my game-play mirth and enthusiasm for Exploding Kittens may be due, in part, to the ghost of physics past and the memory of all those cat-killing equations;  because, really, maniacal laughter to the point of pain often accompanies the memory of trauma.  At least for me it does.

So if your sense of humor is like mine and Santa’s, or your trying to confront your physics’ demons, you should get this game and play it, although probably not on the second of January, the unluckiest day of the year in ancient Saxon tradition (presumably because it was the day when 99.9% of all New Year’s resolutions were and still are broken), UNLESS you like to lose.   And if you are one of the poor unfortunate souls who were born on January second, you should probably just steer clear of this game altogether since you are fated to die an unpleasant death and should always avoid anything with explosions, laser beams or goats.

Especially goats!


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