10 January 2018

Today’s Wednesday Word is snoozer.

snooze, as you probably already know, is any light, short nap generally taken during the daytime.  Likewise, a snoozer is any person who has the luxury of taking and/or the wherewithal to claim a period of daylight repose.  And while today’s word is about napping and nappers, I grew up with a slightly different variant of the word.

snoozer is what my maternal grandmother, Marie, called the mid-afternoon nap.  It was never just a plain “nap.”   She didn’t doze, she didn’t catnap, she TOOK a snoozer.  

My grandmother’s snoozers mostly occurred in the afternoon after the daily installment of the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, because the Good Lord knows we had to keep up with that red-headed firebrand Sally Spectra.  And mostly they took place in her recliner, the one on the right, although on occasion she retreated to her bedroom.

I don’t know if she ever went a day without one, and if she did I can assure you it was not by choice.  She was dedicated in that way.  Perhaps it was a holdover from her younger days spent in the fields of South Alabama when one needed a bit of rest from the early mornings and hard labor before the afternoon and evening chores began.  Maybe, it was because lunch (which she called dinner) was usually the largest meal of her day, and being “full as a tick” she needed a bit of time to recover from the heaviness and lethargy of a carb-packed meal.  Possibly, she just liked to rest and felt invigorated by it.

Of course, like most children, I hated snoozing and snoozers (the thing not the person), and generally required much shushing, a bit of bribery and a fair amount of holding onto.  Nowadays, I relish the idea of an afternoon snoozer, that beautiful mirage of rest and refreshment to the world-wearied mind, but alas, the chance of that happening is slim.  And even on the rare occasion when it does happen, I find myself wishing I hadn’t indulged, because apparently I’m not a snoozer (the person not the thing), feeling groggy and disconnected for the rest of the day.  (There is a word for this:  sleep inertia.)

Today, however, I actually took a snoozer.  Not on purpose, but because I nodded off while sitting idly.  Not long, just thirty minutes or so, but long enough to make me wish I could go crawl in bed instead of tend to the children and to get a crick in my neck.  Yet, it made me think of my grandmother and snoozers and also a good cup of coffee, because the Good Lord knows I’m going to need it to get through the next few hours.






2 thoughts on “10 January 2018

  1. The Real Reality Show Blog says:

    I recall reading, though not where, the ideal preparation for an afternoon nap is a cup of hot coffee. Apparently the liquid warmth lulls you to sleep and when the caffeine kicks in about a half hour later you are awakened before the dreaded headache nap can take hold. I’ve never tested the process but your post reminded me of it so maybe I’ll put that on an upcoming day’s to do list.

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