16 January 2018

Well it is official.  Today is a snow day.  A day to bundle up with hats, mittens and scarves, to play in the snow, to sled down a hill and to build a snowman.  It is also a day to cozy up indoors, read a book, watch the weather drifting down, sit by a fire, and warm up one’s frozen insides with a mug of hot cocoa.

On Friday last, we had experienced a few flakes of the fluffy stuff, and although the rest of the city had shut down, including the schools, my kiddos were not very happy.  Yes, they were excited to see the falling snow, but because they attend a homeschool hybrid, only attending a “real” school two days a week, they didn’t feel like they had the day off as homeschool homework continues even when the rest of the world shutters its doors.

In this regard, today is no different, but being the day before their “real” school is back in session and with most of the week’s work completed, the kids took advantage of the wintry weather with the other neighborhood children, who rarely come out to play, but who were also lured out of doors by the snowfall and slightly more than meager accumulation.

In Alabama, we natives, especially those of us who originated down near the coast, are taught to appreciate a snowy day.  It is a rarity, a gift, and a terrible dangerous bit of wintry weather that shouldn’t be trifled with.   No matter how little the accumulation, it is not a day to brave the roads or engage in the normal work-a-day routine, it is a day to remain near hearth and home.  With plenty of bread, milk, coffee and booze on hand from the previous day’s run on the store, it is a time to hunker down.

So if the snow is falling where you are today, take advantage of it.  Enjoy a day away from the hustle and bustle of normal life and revel in the home-spun activities that only a good dusting can bring.  And when the dusk closes in and the days adventures are done, gather together warm indoors and give thanks for a snow day.



2 thoughts on “16 January 2018

  1. The Real Reality Show Blog says:

    Actually the snow is falling where I am and I’ll take advantage of it by opening the blinds and watching the “flurries” (according to last night’s weather report) continue to accumulate beyond the new two inches that have already fallen since dawn. If I’m lucky I’ll get to watch the kids next door add to the snow family in the yard. (Only six more weeks!)

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